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Welcome To Sumit's World My Private Message

This is me the one & only

I am watching you.....

My name is Sumit Gawali and I'm from Pune, India.
I am 21 years old and my zodiac sign (sun, moon, star ...whatever) is Saggittarius and 15th March, 1985 was the day when "GOD" forced me to make some difference in this beautiful world. (Means I was hatched on this day)

Right now, I'm doing my further education in the Pune.... (I guess nobody knows in which year I am studying) Hey so what, I will give another try.....!!!

Well! I bet My mouth will go on and on like this.. yeh....yeh....yeh.... till you get bored ...!!!!

Oye! Please don't go away!!!

Anything else? My love life?
( I have several crushes....!!!)

In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything, and two minus one equals nothing.

Love is the best thing that could happen to any mankind.

I've fallen in love (several times!!!) with the most beautiful,gorgeous, understanding(sometimes), queen of hearts, I could've ever found. I will introduce her later.

That's it friends! If there's anything else I think that you should know about me, I'll just add it to this site.

Always checkout this site for more stuff

Good bye for now........

I am still watching you....

Thanks For Visiting Sumit's World